‘A Little Book of Jazz’ – to be released soon!

Slate Digital

We’ve been working hard towards the release of The Red Counts’ ‘A Little Book of Jazz’.

Although the album has already been mixed we weren’t 100% happy with it and started afresh. As we are clearly inspired by the work of Rudy van Gelder, legendary Blue Note audio engineer we thought we wanted to emulate the sound of the classic tape machines.

Rupert Christie, ‘master ears’ for the Redtenbacher’s Funkestra – the funkier sibling of ‘The Red Counts’ has pointed us towards Slate plug-ins and as part of the package they are offering Fabrice Gabriel’s ‘Virtual Tape Machines 1.1’.

The accumulative effect on using this plug-in on all tracks as well as the master bus is just brilliant and exactly what we are after in terms of sound.

The individual tracks are set to a group emulating a 2″ 16 track tape machine and the master bus is set to a 1/2″ 2 track tape machine. Further tweaks to Bias/Tape speed/Tape type have resulted in lovely ‘vintage’ sounding tracks.

We are very much looking forward to presenting you with the album soon! See what you’ll make of it!



André records ‘Pantheon of Greats’

AndreSpang-pianoAndré Spang has just played piano on ‘Pantheon of Greats’ – brilliant performance – as always – what a guy! We really hope that we are going to play these tunes together live on stage somewhere soon.

This was the last tune of the collection of tunes for our first release called ‘A Little Book Of Jazz‘ – don’t want to make any promises but we are hoping to release the album later this year on RSB Records. Only with the blessing of all, of course!

‘Pantheon of Greats’ is an up tempo Blues in Eb (slightly unusual as Blues in F and Bb seem to be the predominant keys for Be-Bop type Blues heads) – but everybody was up for the challenge it seems. I probably found it the hardest, not a myriad of open strings in the key of Eb:-)

The title was inspired by a book of one of my favorite historians/philosophers – Will Durant. I think he used this expression in his ‘The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time‘. The title is too intriguing as to not wanna read the book, right?

Anyway, I’m off to mixing the track and hope to be able to present it to you to. You might want to take a break from reading Will Durant’s ‘The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time’ and listen to some seriously good Jazz whilst having a lovely cup of tea.

the greatest Minds


Speak easy gig at Bar Night Jar

The Red Counts @ Bar Night JAr

We had a great time playing out book ‘A Little Book of Jazz’ to a hip crowd! Gunther, Vasilis and Gary were burning and we felt well looked after by Becky, the venue’s manager. Thanks for the drinks and water (of course) on this hot evening! Can’t wait to do it again! The Bar Night Jar is a happening place, easy to miss and even more gratifying once you found it in the midst of Shoreditch, a few minutes walk from Old Street Tube Street. Thanks also for Grey Goose Vodka for sponsoring the evening!

Here a super Lo-Fi video from our guest table – thanks Andy and Will!

Grey Goose Vodka sponsors The Redcounts @ The Nightjar – Mo, 19th of June


Come down and enjoy a scrumptous cocktail and ‘The Red Counts’ quartet, the ‘jazzier sibling’ of the Redtenbacher’s Funkestra feat. Robert Fowler on tenor sax, Gary Willcox on drums, Gunther Kurmayr on piano and Stefan Redtenbacher on bass.

We’ll play ‘Blue Note’ type Cool Jazz, penned by Stefan with a few classic standards in the mix.

Let us know if you would like to join us – we have a table for six people in front of the stage – friendly faces and ears are always welcome!

£5 per person; sponsored by Grey Goose Vodka. Nightjar – here we come!


Have a listen to get a taste:

The Red Counts – Live at Komo, Guildford, 2nd of April

live-at-komoMy good friend and guitarist Pete Roth has started a jazz club in Guildford – every Sunday evening ‘Live at the Komo’.

He has invited me to come along and perform ‘My little book of Jazz’ with the jazzier sibling of the Redtenbacher’s Funkestra, namely – ‘The Red Counts’.

It will be Rob Fowler on tenor saxophone, Pete Roth on guitar, Gary Willcox on drums and myself on bass.

On Sunday, 2nd of April, at 19:30 there will be a kind of a miniature interview/TED talk about the music and we’ll kick off at 20:00 until 22:00. Looking forward to seeing you there!

More info here and don’t forget to like and most of all – show up:-)


‘Earl’ Robert Fowler (tenor saxophone) & Stefan ‘The Count’ Redtenbacher (bass)

211 Park Drive – André just ‘dropboxed’

Andre Spang piano 1

It’s been a long time coming – but finally I saw the satisfying ‘spinning wheel’ icon on my dropbox icon – followed up with a tweet by André Spang, the pianist from Cologne, with two images with the words ‘You know what this means’. Made me smile and I’m about to insert his piano recording into ‘211 Park Drive’, tune #11 for ‘A little book of Jazz’. André was worried about the tuning of the piano and I will give it a critical listen, however, my gut feeling is that this probably brings flavour and a more ‘realistic’ sound of the piano, rather than a fancy plug-in (as good as they can be, including digital ‘detuning’ buttons).

More to come…now back to Logic!

Andre Spang piano 2