Pantheon of Greats

Phanteon of Greats - lead sheet.jpg

I’m currently tracking ‘The Pantheon of Greats’ for the ‘A little book of Jazz’ project. Darren Williams has played awesome drums a while ago – at 220 BPM not an easy task…

I’ve recorded the bass track with my Tacoma Thunderchief, SE Titan Mic and UA LA-610, but not after some serious studies of Paul Chambers and Ron Carter Walking bass lines in Eb. It’s all about the open strings and how they naturally fit into the lines. Although I’m an Electric Bassist I’m trying to play walking bass lines like an upright player, i.e. there is a lot of walking up the neck on the G string, using open strings to get down to the open (or half) position.

Anyway, Simon Allen will play alto sax on Monday. Can’t wait to hear him rip it up!

Then, I know slightly stranger order, I’ll record either guitar or piano…let’s see who will be about.

The idea of the title came after reading ‘The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time’ by Will Durant – or

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