André records ‘Pantheon of Greats’

AndreSpang-pianoAndré Spang has just played piano on ‘Pantheon of Greats’ – brilliant performance – as always – what a guy! We really hope that we are going to play these tunes together live on stage somewhere soon.

This was the last tune of the collection of tunes for our first release called ‘A Little Book Of Jazz‘ – don’t want to make any promises but we are hoping to release the album later this year on RSB Records. Only with the blessing of all, of course!

‘Pantheon of Greats’ is an up tempo Blues in Eb (slightly unusual as Blues in F and Bb seem to be the predominant keys for Be-Bop type Blues heads) – but everybody was up for the challenge it seems. I probably found it the hardest, not a myriad of open strings in the key of Eb:-)

The title was inspired by a book of one of my favorite historians/philosophers – Will Durant. I think he used this expression in his ‘The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time‘. The title is too intriguing as to not wanna read the book, right?

Anyway, I’m off to mixing the track and hope to be able to present it to you to. You might want to take a break from reading Will Durant’s ‘The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time’ and listen to some seriously good Jazz whilst having a lovely cup of tea.

the greatest Minds


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