‘A Little Book of Jazz’ – to be released soon!

Slate Digital

We’ve been working hard towards the release of The Red Counts’ ‘A Little Book of Jazz’.

Although the album has already been mixed we weren’t 100% happy with it and started afresh. As we are clearly inspired by the work of Rudy van Gelder, legendary Blue Note audio engineer we thought we wanted to emulate the sound of the classic tape machines.

Rupert Christie, ‘master ears’ for the Redtenbacher’s Funkestra – the funkier sibling of ‘The Red Counts’ has pointed us towards Slate plug-ins and as part of the package they are offering Fabrice Gabriel’s ‘Virtual Tape Machines 1.1’.

The accumulative effect on using this plug-in on all tracks as well as the master bus is just brilliant and exactly what we are after in terms of sound.

The individual tracks are set to a group emulating a 2″ 16 track tape machine and the master bus is set to a 1/2″ 2 track tape machine. Further tweaks to Bias/Tape speed/Tape type have resulted in lovely ‘vintage’ sounding tracks.

We are very much looking forward to presenting you with the album soon! See what you’ll make of it!



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Stefan Redtenbacher


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