Reid Miles – legendary Blue Note designer

Coltrane-Blue Note Cover+Pic

I don’t know how many times I’ve been marveling over the covers of Blue Note records – they never fail to fascinate me. I just love the work of designer Reid Miles and the photos of Francis Wolff.

This article here is really good and it is particularly interesting to see some of the unedited photographs by Francis Wolff and how Reid Miles incorporated them into his designs.

As I really enjoy creating my own graphic illustrations for my music I feel inspired by using the photographs as a key graphic component to the overall design. I understand that Francis Wolff wasn’t always happy with how heavily Reid Miles was cropping his images – but my hope is that Rob Blackham (my go-to photographer for all my musical ventures) is not put out by me ‘messing’ with his awesome photographs. He is a professional photographer and  graphic design is one of the things I’m really into but by no means could I claim to be a professional (nor would I want to be).

Recently I also really enjoyed looking at different fonts and graphic elements as used by Reid Miles. One of the things that really fascinate me is his use of spacing and what I term ‘feel good’ alignment of text, rather than using strict geometric forms (aligning everything to one side, the center, etc.) it appears that he arranges text and fonts as he saw it best fit and hang together. Of course, I might be wrong and he might have been very mathematical about it (maybe using the ‘golden ratio’ or similar) – for me, more importantly I feel inspired to not mathematically align text and everything else for that matter. It ‘feels’ better to me, unless I want to make a point of a strict alignment.

Anyway, I’ll continue to ‘dabble away’ as rather enjoy it very much!

The album cover of ‘A Little Book of Jazz’ (photo by Rob Blackham)

The Red Counts 2 (261018) FRONT

The single cover for ‘Slipped Biscuit’ (photo by Rob Blackham)

Funkestra - COVER IDEA 3 colour+stars (replace colour 2)+pic

The single cover for ‘Go East‘ (photographer unknown) – work in progress

Go East 1.png

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